How Governments Are Closing the Gender Pay Gap

How Governments Are Closing the Gender Pay Gap

For years, Caseca Stegall, a Fulton County IT manager suspected that she was paid less than some of the men who held the same job but had less experience and education than her. Proof came after she filed an open-records request, which revealed that her salary was 20 percent less than some of her male counterparts in the department.

“I was frustrated, and I felt that things were not fair,” she says.

But there were no county rules or policies at the time, around 2010, that could help her.

That changed in February 2017, when Fulton County, the largest county in Georgia, implemented a new policy that allows county employees to ask for a personal pay study and receive a pay adjustment if it shows any kind of inequity. By November, her salary was raised from $76,300 to $90,000 — the same as a male colleague parallel in all other ways but pay

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