Going Back to School After the Military

Going Back to School After the Military

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You’ve spent years serving in the military, defending your values and standing up for your country. After an honorable discharge or a shift away from active duty, you’re looking to transition back into civilian life and move on to the next chapter. You know you’ve gained valuable skills and life experience during your military service, and you want to put those assets to good use in that next chapter. Now it’s time to take the next step.

If you’ve thought about going back to school as a veteran, you’re not alone: More than 1 million veterans are using GI benefits to pursue a higher education. This guide will outline some of the reasons why veterans like you are going back to school, the financial assistance available, and some potential career options upon graduation.

Discover the following sections of this guide:

  • Why Military Veterans Like You Should Consider Going Back to School
  • Financial Aid, the GI Bill, and Education Benefits
  • Best Degrees and Career Paths for Veterans and Former Military Personnel

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