Securing the Supply Chain Forum – Farm to Fork

Food Safety in the Supply Chain: Farm to Fork Forum

OCTOBER 26, 2018

Securing the Supply Chain Forum
From Farm to Fork
“Pathways to Resilience”

Location: Walla Walla Community College Water & Environmental Center

This Forum will expand the concepts presented at the 2017 “Farm-to-Fork” forum, with a renewed goal of increasing awareness of food protection, security, response to emergencies and defense of our agriculture and food based economies, and arable land availability.

Addressing the vulnerability food supply chain, and overall preparedness, response, and recovery is paramount for the health of our state and nation’s food supply.

The Centers of Excellence are providing this opportunity to converse, identify training needs, educate consumers and producers alike, and identify needs that translate into expanded curriculum and training to ensure our agroindustry employers have the skilled employees they need to maintain their viability.


  • Understand how supply chain can be both secure & vulnerable at the same time.
  • Importance of collaboration across companies, farm/produces and regulators.
  • Food safety is a specialized field that needs highly educated and trained workforce.
  • Education to address technology impacts.


Hosted by:
The Centers of Excellence— Agriculture and Natural Resources,
Global Trade & Supply Chain MGMT
And Homeland Security Emergency MGMT