Educator Externship Scholarship Opportunity to Attend the Pacific Northwest EMPA Disaster Conference!

Who? – EMPA joins the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest EMPA Disaster and Emergency Communication Conference 2019
Information in Emergencies – getting it right, growing it better

August 12-13, 2019 at Portland State University, Portland, OR

Smith Ballroom, Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

The Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management is offering the opportunity to attend the Two-Day Pacific Northwest EMPA Disaster & Emergency Communication Conference!

Note: Only two educator externships will be offered.

Requirements to get the scholarship:
• Must be a faculty in one or more of the subject areas: Criminal Justice, HSEM, Occupational Health and Safety, Cybersecurity, Fire Service, and/or Emergency Medical Services
• Must be able to attend the full two-day conference. No exceptions.
• Provide a description of how you will apply the learning outcomes from the conference towards your curriculum.
• Provide a write-up of your experience at the conference. This will not only highlight your experience, but also what you learned, and took away from the conference. Your write up will be included in the Center’s monthly Confluence newsletter.
• Will be reimbursed with the per diem rates from Washington State.

Benefits to applying for the Educator Externship Scholarship:
• Registration, travel/lodging, and per diem will be comped by the Center of Excellence – HSEM.
• The chance to network with local and international speakers presenting at the conference.
• Participate in scenario-based workshops each day to put ideas into practice.
• Interact with other attendees in sessions and solution-focuses panels.
• Attend the conference welcome dinner.

This year EMPA leaves its Australian and New Zealand shores to come to Portland, where the innovative and ‘weird’ idea is the root for growth! The organization is excited to exchange practical, proven means of communicating through critical situations. Frameworks and lessons actually learned will be shared to stimulate thinking, encourage conversation and create change.