Annual Security Report Checklist – Clery Center for Security on Campus

Annual Security Report Checklist

While the Annual Security Report Checklist contains discussions of general legal principles and specific laws, it is neither intended to be given as legal advice nor as practice of law and should not be relied upon by readers as such. Before taking any action, always check with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction to ensure compliance with the law.

Things to Consider: Putting It All Together – Questions to Ask

• Do our policy statements align with existing policies?

• What is our institution’s protocol for creating/amending campus policies? Who must approve
before they are implemented?

• Does the annual security report (ASR) have a table of contents?

• Is the ASR easy to read?

• Who is involved in drafting the annual security report?

• Does the ASR reflect our campus culture?

• What other methods are used to communicate about our institution’s policies, procedures, and
programs (applications, brochures, forms, website, etc.)?

• Who is responsible for distribution of the annual security report to current and prospective
students and employees?

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