2018 NCWE Conference – Success Through Partnerships

2018 NCWE Conference

Success Through Partnerships


Katrina Ling
Senior Global Practitioner
Blue Ocean Strategy Network

Community college educators often find themselves competing head-to-head with other education and workforce improvement offerings. Yet, many may find themselves unable to out-market or out perform other suppliers of the education industry due to resource constraints. The fundamental concept and shift in strategic thinking that was first introduced in Blue Ocean Strategy, now in Blue Ocean Shift, demonstrates the power of creative value innovation – change the rules of the industry so you can offer unprecedented value.

The annual conference for NCWE began today in Clearwater. The theme of the conference is “Succ‎ess through partnerships”. The opening session highlight Katrina Ling is the Senior Global Practitioner for Blue Ocean Strategy Network. Ling talked about the need to shift our strategic thinking using the Blue Ocean Strategy to a Blue Ocean Shift which demonstrates the power of creative value innovation and offer unprecedented value.

Ron May, Pierce College Dean of Health and Technology, Amy Hatfield, Dean of Workforce Development and Basic Studies, and Steve Quinn, Olympic College, Advisor will provide a session called Challenges and Lessons from Nine College Consortium in WA – Partnerships that Improve Program Design. This session will share information about an innovative, collaborative educational partnership which opened a common community college experience to students across multiple colleges. Each college awards versions of the Homeland Security/Emergency Management Degree based on a common instruction delivered by experts at partner institutions. The Center the the originally innovator of this collaborative approach along w/ Pierce College and now there are colleges across the CTC system who are using this model with other program areas.

Find the Collaborating College Guidebook.